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Online gambling is created for one reason – to give people a chance to have fun and enjoy themselves. The idea is that players play for fun and enjoy the thrills of the gaming experience whether they win or lose. Of course, players must be mature and level headed in order to get the most out of the online gaming experience. Unfortunately a small percentage of those who play at casinos and scratch card sites are under the age limit or may develop an addiction.

At 777 Scratch Cards we only want to welcome players who are mature enough to play and are not problem gamblers. Gaming is supposed to be a fun exercise and if it becomes a problem for the player they lose that fun element and it can become problematic.

Aware and Helpful Staff

The first responsibility for detecting any irresponsible gaming activity lies with our professional and experienced staff. The people working for us are trained to recognize any signs of problematic gaming activity and patterns, and are able to help you take steps to control such problems. We are all here to ensure players have a fun, enjoyable experience and that includes implementing responsible gaming features. Players are therefore able to take advantage of options including self-exclusion and links to responsible gambling organisations.

Over 18 is a Commitment

At 777 Scratch Cards we are 100% committed to only allowing mature adults sign up and play for money at our site. Therefore we do everything we can to prevent under 18s from playing and losing money.

There is also a responsibility for you to make sure that no minors are able to access your account using your computer. You should always make sure to not leave children unattended near your computer when the gaming software is running, never allow under 18s take part in gambling, not use the save password feature as it can allow others to log in to your account and use child protection software, such as Cyberpatrol and Net Nanny, to block gaming sites from minors.

Please note that anyone under 18 will not be able to keep any winnings that they may generate.

The Nine Rules of Responsible Gambling

Gambling should be a fun activity but for some people it can spiral out of control. Always keep the following in mind when you play at 777:

  1. Only gamble for fun – gaming is about entertainment, not winning.
  2. The money lose should be seen as simply the amount you pay for entertainment, like a cinema movie ticket. Any wins are just a great bonus.
  3. Always set yourself a time limit, to ensure you don’t get overly involved and waste hours playing.
  4. Always set yourself a budget, so you know you will only lose what you can afford to spend on enjoying 777 games that day.
  5. You should expect to lose as part of your game. The odds are against you.
  6. Do not borrow money to gamble – if you cannot afford to play then just do not play for money.
  7. Make sure you have a gaming/life balance. Do not let gaming become an overly part of your life. You should also have time to spend with friends and family.
  8. Try not to chase the losses. If you lose and try and win to recover the losses you will be likely to lose more.
  9. Don’t gamble as a way to cope with emotional or physical pain. Gambling for reasons other than entertainment can lead to problems.

Personal gaming Limits

If you have any concerns that you may go over budget with your time and/or money we at 777 are ready to help you to ensure you enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest. Whenever you like you can contact our experienced and professional gaming staff who will help you set limits to your gaming activity.

Weekly, daily and monthly limits can be set for the amount you can deposit, the amount you can lose (including per session), the amount you can bet (including per session) and the amount of time you can play per session. These limits will begin and expire on the dates you request and once they have been implemented they cannot be easily changed.

If you think you need a break from gambling you are also able to request a cooling off period where you can have you account closed for up to six months.

After requesting a cooling off period you will receive an email which includes the following information:

  • Confirming that your account has been frozen
  • Specifying the start and end date of the account freezing
  • Confirming that you will be automatically removed from all marketing lists for the cooling off period
  • The procedure to re-open your account after the cooling off period
  • The email will also contain responsible gambling information and links for your benefit

If the situation is more serious you can email us and request a self-exclusion period for 6 months and upwards

Control your gambling

if you believe your gaming fun has risen to the level of an addiction or compulsion we recommend you become acquainted with the following:

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