3 Clowns

Winning is all the fun of the circus; and here with 3 Clowns you have loads of chances to win up to an incredible 200,000 GBP whenever you play. Just look for the clown symbols. They may be here, they may be there, but if you find them in a row you are in the money.

It’s Time to Clown Around!

Don’t be silly, let’s start winning with 3 Clowns. The fun and frolics of the circus come alive with this scratch game which is simply a whirl. You’ll have all the excitement whenever you play 3 Clowns, and it is always easy to win because you just have to look out for those pesky clowns. If you find three in a row then you will be in for a cash prize. Lovely! The amount you will win if you find the matching clowns is shown at the top of the screen. It is all clear for you to see, so avoid the playing cards, rabbits in the hats and elephants. Because all you really want to find are the clowns which help you win. Then you can see yourself going for the big jackpot prize. Because if you are very lucky you might end up with an amazing 200,000 GBP.
Just imagine what that could mean to you. Will you buy a new home or maybe a holiday home? Travel all round the world with your cash or invest it in the business of your dreams? All of these options will be open to you if you beat the odds and win the big cash prize that everyone wants. Maybe you will retire and live abroad in the lap of luxury. Or you can simply carry on playing and having more fun and finding more chances to win. The decision is yours.

How to play

With 3 Clowns, simplicity is the key. There are loads of options but really there is only one way to win – find three clown symbols in a row. The excitement is through the combinations. You can find the clowns across one row, in a diagonal row or even in a column. It doesn’t matter which. Because once you find them you will be in the money.
Playing is easy. Just choose your card amount and press the big play button. You can even choose autoplay so you can sit back and relax while the machine does all the hard work. That is a computer for you! You can chill and enjoy the party while you win on the cards you uncover.


When you win with 3 Clowns it is definitely time to party. Whether it is a small amount or a massive jackpot, the game celebrates with you by showering balloons into the air and playing a funky happy tune. If it is fun you live for then this is the place to come, because with 3 Clowns it is fun time every single day. This is the game to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and of course some cash in your pocket.


When you start playing 3 Clowns you know it is time to brighten up your day and enjoy the fun of the circus. So roll up and sit down, the clowns are here and you can be winning right now!



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