Beetle Bingo

You’ll never be bored with Beetle Bingo, the bingo scratch game which brings the fun back into scratch card gaming. You will win cash each and every time you match five numbers on any of the cards. You get three chances to win so go for it.

A Combination of Fun and Bingo

Don’t scratch off this bingo game because Beetle Bingo could be one of the most exciting and innovative online casino games you will ever find. It somehow manages to bring together the atmosphere of the jungle as well as a classic bingo game and a fascinating scratch game. The true excitement comes from knowing that each and every time you play you will have three chances to win. That is generosity right there. Then there are the stunning graphics and of course the cool music. It all comes together to create a game that you might not have even imagined was possible before setting sights on this masterpiece.

How to play

Beetle Bingo is a little different to most online scratch games because of the bingo element. It makes it even more exciting than many other games you might have played. What you need to do is choose an amount to play for. This is the easy part. Then you go and click Play. Once you have done that you need to shake the glass of beetles. This is where the bingo numbers are held, because believe it or not, the numbers or on the back of the walking beetles. When you have shaken the beetle glass it will pour 15 beetles out into a tube. Then you need to scratch off the panel. If you see that you have a line of five numbers which match any of the numbers in the tube then you are a winner. It is as simple as that.


The graphics are the key to Beetle Bingo. They show off these cute little beetles as they get shaken up in the beetle glass and then shuffle into the tube. The excitement grows as you count the numbers and hope for a winning combination on the scratch panel. It is all such fun that you probably can’t help yourself when you want to give it another go. It is a game that is full of the jungle atmosphere that you used to love as a kid. Bring it all back and try and win some big cash prizes.


Beetle Bingo is a jungle themed game which makes you want to come back for more each and every time. Whenever you play you can win big money cash prizes so keep on scratching and watch out for the big numbers on the backs of the young beetles.



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