Blackjack Scratch is an ingenious alternative to regular blackjack. It manages to create a new version of one of the most famous casino games of all time with a scratch twist to it. The twist here is that you don’t need to decide what to do with each hand. You just wait and see if you are a winner.

Twist and Shout with Blackjack Scratch

Blackjack has been around almost since man started gambling and playing cards were invented. The beautiful simplicity of the game makes it a mainstay at casinos all round the world. All you have to do is try and get a hand which has a total closer to 21 than dealer. You beat the dealer, you win the prize. It’s as easy as that.
Blackjack Scratch is a new variation on the game. Rather than play one hand at a time, you play three at once. And while you usually have the chance to hit or stick, here you only have the hand you are dealt. You have to try and beat the dealer at his own game. If you do it you will be in for a big money prize. It is a fun and exciting game that shows off the best of scratch online and could make you very rich indeed if you play your cards right!

How to play

When you have chosen your card value and shuffled the cards you are ready to play. First click play then either scratch each hand off individually or click scratch all. The game gives you three hands to play each time. When a hand is scratched off it will show the total of both the cards. You will then see the dealer’s card. If one of the hands on your table is closer to 21 than the dealer’s card the screen will indicate that you are a winner. It is really good fun and exciting at the same time. You never know which hand will be a winner and what the dealer will get. If you want to utilise the autoplay feature you will be able to let the computer do all the work for you so you don’t have to bother. Either way you can win big prizes every time you play.


Blackjack Scratch is set up like a classic card table, with a deck of cards at the top of a green table. It makes you feel like you are at a real casino so if that is what you are after you have found it. This is the most authentic casino-style scratch game you might find online. So get scratching.


If you are a casino fan this is the game to try as you can win in an instant. The winnings may even be massive so don’t delay.



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