Wesley Snipes made Blade a world phenomenon, and now you can use the famous fighting super hero to build up your bank balance. Blade Scratch is a swashbuckling game which gives you lots of opportunities to make money and have fun at the same time. You’ll love the graphics and sounds.

Slash and Grab with Blade

Blade is a cutting edge game which gives you the power to slash your way to success. It is based not only on the Snipes film but on the Marvel character who first came to life as a supporting character in 1973’s Tomb of Dracula. The following year he had his own comic story which appeared in the classic Vampire Tales and continued throughout the decade. He returned to prominence in the 1990s in the cool Ghost Rider series and then of course in the Snipes movies.
The character got his abilities from the Deacon Frost vampire who killed his whore mother and passed on enzymes to the young Blade. Eventually he grew up as a vampire slayer, fighting evil at every corner. This is the pretext to the Blade scratch game which includes all the hunger and excitement of the vampire hunter. Each time you play you have to choose four squares to scratch off from the nine on offer. If you find three matching symbols you will win. The tension mounts each and every time as you choose a square, so if you want to let luck take its course then click on autoscratch. You can choose to play with up to 100 UKP each time and even let Autoplay take its course.

How to play

When you play Blade scratch it is all about finding the right symbols. First you choose how much you want to play each time by choosing your card price. Then you go for it by buying a card as you press play. The next step is the crucial one – you must choose which four of the nine panels to scratch off. If you are a bit nervous you can always go for the Auto Scratch option. This takes the stress out of choosing as it automatically picks four panels for you. If you find three matching symbols you will win a prize.


Blade Scratch features the famous character who slashed up the movie screens when Wesley Snipes played the lead role. There are all sorts of weapons involved, all showing the power of Blade. The graphics are very emblematic of the famous movies and comics, with dark black and purple colours throughout the screen. The best thing is when you win and the special music sounds and the amount flashes on the left.


Blade Scratch is a money maker with a twist. You’ll love the tension and the graphics and the excitement builds each and every time you play this Marvel-ous game!



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