With many chances of winning big cash prizes, Daredevil Scratch will take you to levels of consciousness you may previously have never imagined even existed. He may be blind, but this is one fearless super hero which gives you winning opportunities all the time.

Can you live without fear?

When Ben Affleck brought the Daredevil franchise back to life more than a decade ago he would not have imagined that he could be playing with his character on an incredible Playtech scratch game. Well here it is and what a game we have for comic book fans. Daredevil Scratch is just the latest example of Playtech’s undeniably successful collaboration with Marvel comics, bringing the characters back to life in a modern and fascinating manner. This time the game focuses on the comic and not the movie, with all the best characters involved. Whether it is Purple Man or Mister Fear, you can always rely on your best instincts to bring you to a climax. It is amazing to see this game work its magic.

How to play

The aim is to get three matching character symbols in a row or a column – and you can do it. The only way to win is to match them and of course, the more popular the character the bigger your prize will be. The top prizes come when you match Daredevil himself and even bigger when you find the DD symbol. The character nets you 100 times your card price but the DD symbol an amazing 10,000 times. It’s a rarity but you just never know when you are going to hit the right spot.

When you start playing you need to first choose a card price and then decide whether to play many games automatically or each game at a chance. Personally, we prefer playing each game by itself as it raises the excitement up even higher, but then again there is also a relaxed enjoyment of watching the autoplay option do its thing. The decision is yours.


If you love Marvel comics you are going to be blown away by these graphics. They are lovely. Really well designed and well executed. Whether you are looking at Daredevil himself (don’t worry he is blind so he won’t be looking at you!) or the super sexy female characters, all of the designs are created impeccably. This just adds to the fun and excitement of the game which is already going to prove itself to be one of the most popular scratch games out there at this current time.


He may be blind but Daredevil is undeniably the man who has absolutely no fear. If you follow in his footsteps when you play Daredevil Scratch you may also fearlessly go ahead and win big cash prizes.



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