Dolphin Cash

Dolphin Cash Scratch gives you the chance to win big cash prizes every time you scratch off a panel. This is an opportunity not to be missed because you just never know what you might find at the bottom of the ocean. Scratch away and win up to hundreds of times your card price.

Head Out to the Sea

Sometimes it’s best to head out to the sea and chill. The sea breeze and comfortable air makes it perfect for relaxation and a great time to have fun. Dolphins are known to be some of the most intelligent and friendly animals out there. So if there is one sea-loving creature it is worth spending time with on a trip out to the ocean it has to be the Dolphin. They are marine mammals who love to play.
The Dolphin Cash Scratch takes this idea and moves it onwards and outwards. It is great fun to play with the dolphins and enjoy the time you have with them on the sea.

How to play

It’s super playing Dolphin Cash Scratch because you can always have five chances to win with just a single scratch card! That’s a lot more than on other games, giving you extra excitement each and every time you play. The aim of the game is simply to find three dolphin symbols or a bonus symbol. It sounds easy but you never know what is behind the scratch panels when you scratch them off. This game has some flexibility to it as you can choose between one and five cards to play as once. And while you can scratch all at once, you can still scratch each card independently. If you find three dolphins in one card you win a prize. Easy!
When you first start playing you need to decide how much you want to spend on each card. You can choose a low or a high amount, but keep in mind that the winnings are always multiplied by the card amount so it is often worth playing for more money each time as you can win much more on each card. Then you need to decide how many cards you want to play. You can choose up to five at a time, and once again, the more you play the more you can win in an instant. Then you just press Play to buy the card and scratch off the panel. If you are a winner the dolphin will do a celebratory dive and some cool music plays. And of course you will claim your cash prize!


Dolphin Cash Scratch has a deep, underwater feel to it. As the graphics move and flow with the West Indian music in the background you’ll feel relaxed and ready to win. The best part is of course when you win and see the dolphin do a classy dive. All in all this is a nice looking scratch game which gives you what you want. It all comes together to make you feel relaxed as you go out on the ocean and play with the lovely dolphins.


With depth and water what more could you want from Dolphin Cash Scratch. It does what you want – diving you deep into cash filled seas.



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