Easter Surprise

When it is Easter there are surprises round the corner all the time. So here we go with Easter Surprise, the game that makes it Easter every day, all the time. You can go on your very own Easter egg hunt and if you find the elusive rabbits in a row, diagonal or column you’ll be a frisky winner!

Easter Fun for You – Every Day

The spirit of Easter is one of discovery. Now you can have that feeling every single day, wherever you are, whenever you want, with Easter Surprise Scratch. Because this Playtech game brings the famous Easter atmosphere, with rolling green hills and cheeky rabbits, right to your home. It is something to behold. Truly a wonderful feeling to enjoy; and that is before we mention the big cash prizes. Yes there are many cash prizes to be won here with Easter Surprise. You may not believe it, but it is true – you can win up to a million pounds. That is cold hard cash to be taken away and spent on whatever you want. Now that’s an Easter-style gift to look forward to.
So what does it come down to? You can ask and you can find out below. You need to scratch hard and good. If you find three rabbits in a row, a column or a diagonal you are already sure to be winning some cash. How much depends on the multiplier. Whatever you win the rabbit will celebrate with you. And remember, when you play the scratch you will have an instant link to the slot game of the very same name. Same style, more fun, more chances to win. Go for it!

How to play

The Easter Surprise Scratch is a game which evokes the excitement of childhood wonder. You won’t have to spend a long time learning the rules. Just choose your card amount and start scratching. The game gives you the chance to play either big or small amounts. You can even shuffle the card to try and find the best one for you. Once again the autoplay option gives you the chance to put the game in the hands of the computer while you chill out relaxing and skanking and watching the game unfold before your eyes. Just try and find three bunnies in a row. They can also come up in a diagonal line or in a column. It doesn’t matter. Each row will win you a cash prize. The amount depends on the amount you bet per card. It is a magical experience that most people will never get to reach.


The magic of Easter is brought to life in this Playtech scratch game. Easter Surprise Scratch is full of fun and happiness, with bright colors, cute animations and of course the famous Easter Bunny at the centre of it all. When you scratch off the panels you will find many Easter eggs. But don’t worry about them – just keep on looking for the Bunnies. Because when you find them you will be celebrating Easter right now.


Easter Surprise Scratch is one of the happiest and brightest scratch games out there. Add in the potential of becoming a millionaire in an instant and you know you have a game to be proud of.



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