Elektra Scratch is one smoking game. Guys will love the sexy graphics of this ninja assassin who takes control whenever she has to. Couple this with cash big prizes and you know you are in for a good time with Elektra Scratch. Match the weapons and take home the cash.

A Deadly Female Ninja For You

Never has a female ninja assassin had more impact on the Marvel scene than Elektra. The character already had a wildly successful slot game to her name and now you can enjoy her in scratch mode. This is a fun game to play. When you scratch off the card you need to find three matching weapons in a row to win. The exciting thing is that you can go diagonal as well as up and down. There’s loads of money on offer so don’t be afraid. Enter the Elektra and try out the Auto Play modes.

How to play

When you first start playing Elektra Scratch you will need to decide how much you want to play for each time you play a card. You can change this amount by clicking the plus and minus signs at the bottom of the screen next to Card Price box. Then you can just go for it. You have two options – either choose to play one game at a time, by pressing the fiery Play button, or you can play multiple games with the Auto Play button. If you choose the first option you will then be able to scratch off each of the nine panels individually or alternatively hit the Scratch All button to get it all over and done with quickly. If you have won a prize by matching a single weapon in a row, a column or diagonally, Elektra will celebrate with you. Now this is something worth waiting for! If you choose the autoplay option there is no need to scratch anything as the computer will do it for you. Just sit and watch as the winnings build up! You can always stop the autoplay whenever you want to by clicking the big Stop button.


Wow. This is a beautiful game, evoking the imagery which made Elektra a superstar character. Wolverine’s lover has made her mark on this game, with a burning play button at the bottom and a range of weapons as icons. The music in the background just adds to the atmosphere. Of course we all like to win, and when you win with Elektra it is one of the most elegant experiences you can have in a scratch game. Just go for it because as well as the cash prize you will also get a great mini movie of Elektra firing a weapon.


Elektra Scratch is a wild and sexy game which will keep you coming back for more as you win more cash in front of the deep eyes of this super heroine.



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