Fantastic Four

Four of the greatest movie and comic characters of all time reunite for Fantastic Four Scratch. This is one of the most exhilarating scratch games you will ever find, so get down with the starts and start battling for some cash. Match four in a row and you will be a big money winner.

Simply A Fantastic Scratch Experience

The Fantastic Four are four characters who battle against evil after gaining superpowers when they were exposed to cosmic rays during a scientific mission to outer space. They first hit the comic scene in 1961 and then burst back into prominence with the incredible 2005 movie starring Jessica Alba. Now you can get in on the action with Fantastic Four Scratch, the latest Playtech game to utilise the power of the Marvel portfolio. This is a fun and action-packed game which will keep you coming back for more. Not only can you win up to 10,000 times the card price, but you can even win free cards by finding all four characters in a row. So start scratching and look out for Mr Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and of course the most notorious.

How to play

There are lots of ways to win in this fantastic scratch game. All of the big characters are there, so if you match four in a row you will win a cash prize. So watch out for Mister Fantastic, the leader of the group as well as the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and the famous Thing. If you find four of the same in a row then you will win money. If you find a row with one of each of the team you will win a free card. The lines can be made in a row, a column or a diagonal.
To start playing you need to first choose a card price. This is the amount that will be multiplied when you scratch a winning card. Then you simply need to click the Play button to buy a card and scratch either each of the panels individually or click Scratch All to get it all done quickly. Unlike many scratch games online which have a three by three scratch of nine panels, this game has a four by four grid of 16 panels. This ups the excitement level a notch or three. When you have scratched off all the panels you can see if you have found four in a row. Then you check the pay table on the right to see how much you have won.


This is a stunning game, taking inspiration from the classic Marvel comic series. Each of the characters show their best sides as you search for the right combination to win yourself a big prize. Mister Fantastic is the one to look out for, because if you find a row of him you will be in for an amazing 10,000 times your card amount.


A super game deserved of four stunning super heroes. The more you play the more you can win so keep on scratching.



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