Football Mania

Football is the world game and Football Mania Scratch is the internationally renowned scratch card standard for all online sports games. Simply scratch off the panels as the whistle sounds and match the images. If you find the right one you will be a winner of a cash prize.

Kicking your way to Success

Since the launch of the Football League in England in 1888 football has grown into the world phenomenon that we know and love today. Manchester United and Barcelona have taken the whole world by storm, to name but two. And in each country there is a local league which captures the imagination of the nation. Football Mania Scratch takes this excitement and ramps it up a level. Each time you play the whistle will blow and you can win a big cash amount.
It doesn’t matter if you are a midfielder or a defender, or even a forward. The odds are always the same and you can always win money with Football Mania Scratch. The game reminds us of packed stadiums like the Nou Camp in Barcelona or even The Allianz Arena in Munich where the famous Chelsea team beat the hosts to claim the Champions League title in 2012. Will you win the big one here with Football Mania Scratch? Only time will tell.

How to play

Boot it forward with Football Mania Scratch and you can come away with a big score. The game is fun and easy, and the basics are simple to learn, just like the beautiful game itself. So what you need to do is keep positive and go for the victory. First choose a card value. Never forget that the more you play with the higher your winning amount can be. If you choose the biggest amount you can have a chance of claiming the all important jackpot prize. Then you just need to scratch off the panels. If the images you find match the one in the prize panel you will be in the money.


We all love going down to the stadium to watch a match. Now we don’t have to because we can bring that atmosphere home with us whenever we want with Football Mania Scratch. The game oozes crazy football excitement, from the sounds of the whistle blowing to the images of boots and goalie gloves. If you are a sports fan then this is the game for you as it will take you right into the action and take hold of you like there is no tomorrow.


With Football Mania Scratch you will find yourself at the heart of the action. There are loads of prizes to be won, so get scratching and shooting for success, because you never know which card will give you the all important jackpot prize.



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