When Gladiator burst on to our screens in the year 2000 we knew it was something special. Now Russell Crowe is back for the latest installment with Gladiator Scratch. You have the chance to win lots of money with this scratch game that evokes the spirit of the gladiator arena.

Fight For Your Cash-Filled Victory

Russell Crowe’s Gladiator movie became a classic almost as soon as it was released back in the year 2000. The Aussie actor’s portrayal of Maximus Decimus Meridius took the world by storm, inspiring millions of movie goers to enjoy the thrills and experience of the ultimate fighting arena. Now you can enjoy this excitement for yourself with Gladiator Scratch, the official game of the movie which features all of the great characters made famous in Crowe’s epic. From the gladiator himself through to the baddie Commodus and Connie Nielsen’s Lucilla, you will find yourself at the center of the action whenever you start playing Gladiator Scratch.

How to play

To win on the Gladiator scratch you must find three matching characters from the classic movie. The first thing to remember is that diagonals do not count here – you must match the characters either in a row or a column. It isn’t easy, but winning makes all the difference. If you match the gladiator helmet you will be in for the biggest prize of them all – 5,000 times your card price. As with all the best online scratch games, you can choose to play autoplay or individually. The price of each card can range from 20p to 100 UKP.
Once you have selected your card price of choice you are ready to start playing. You simply need to click the Play button to buy a card and then scratch either each of the nine panels individually or all at once by clicking Scratch All. Then it is time to check your card. If you have found three matching symbols in a row or column then you will win the card price multiplied by the amount seen on the pay table on the left of the screen. As you may expect, the gladiator mask is the ultimate symbol and will win you the most money – an incredible 5,000 times the card price.


Fans of the Russell Crowe movie will love this game as it has been produced in detail. All the main characters are there, from Commodus through to Lucilla. The producers have made a fun game which evokes all the excitement and thrills of the movie. The atmospheric music in the background helps the game get going but the real star is the shield which pops up whenever you win to notify you of your winning amount. Soon you will start to love this shield and all that it represents.


If you want success you must earn it with Gladiator Scratch. But when you do, the rewards are stunning.



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