The Hulk keeps coming back for more, and this time you can enjoy stunning cash prizes when you play The Incredible Hulk Scratch. The brand new game features all of the famous characters from Hulk stories and is simple and fun to play. Just match three Hulk symbols and you may hit the jackpot.

Simply Incredible

The Hulk is one of the major comic and movie characters of our time. From the time he burst onto our pages when he had his own comic back in 1962 through to the classic television series and then the recent movie adaptations, the Hulk has been synonymous with power and excitement. We all loved watching him and now we can play him in this fantastic scratch game from Playtech. The game takes you into the world of the green giant and gives you the chance to battle evil every day of the week.
On top of all this you will have the chance to win big money prizes whenever you play with the hulk. It is so much fun you may find yourself drawn into the thrills of the scratch game which powers itself above almost all of the others.

How to play

The possibilities here are massive. To win you just need to match three Hulk symbols from the nine squares available. If you win the game will then tell you how much your card amount will be multiplied by. There is fun and excitement here as you wait and see if the powerful Hulk will come up trumps for you again.
To play you need to choose a card prize by clicking the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen. Then you just click the big Play button and dream of victory. This comes when you either scratch off the nine panels individually or click the Scratch All button to let the computer do it for you. The symbols range from green slime to a helicopter and of course the hulk logo. If you find three matching symbols you are a winner.


The graphics in this game are, in a word, incredible! Playtech has done justice to this massive comic book character with his presence always felt as he stands over and watches you play. If you win, the symbols light up with delight. Nothing beats that winning feeling so it is always worth trying again and again because if you are a winner you know you are going to love the excitement of the green giant. Sometimes it is also fun to let the Autoplay option take over as it gives you an opportunity to sit back and relax as the graphics do their things.


Never has a game felt more incredible than the Hulk Scratch. As you know, you have to be in it to win it, so get scratching today.



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