Irish Luck

Enjoy the famous Irish welcome with Irish Luck Scratch. This is your opportunity to take advantage of all the Irish mystery from the Green Isle. The famous leprechaun is hiding with your cash, so find the right one and you will win a whole lot of money.

It’s All For You With Irish Luck

Sometimes, if you want to have a real fun time and enjoy yourself when playing online games, you need to get into the spirit of the Irish. In that case, there’s not a better way to do this than with Irish Luck Scratch, the latest Playtech scratch game which will take you to lands you might never have thought were there. Maybe they’re not. Either way, head to the end of the rainbow and find the pot of gold that contains the prize. If you find it you will be a big cash prize winner. There’s nothing better than that then!

How To Play

Irish Luck Scratch is already a favourite with scratch fans because of its happy feel and simple gameplay. The game is so much fun it will keep you coming back for more. The rules are easy to learn. All you have to do is pick one of three pots of gold. If you pick the right one a leprachaun will pop up signifying you have won. You can choose how much to bet on each card by clicking the plus sign next to the card price indicator. And if you would like to play multiple times just click on Autoplay.
To get yourself going you must first decide how much you want to play per card. To do this click on the plus or minus signs next to the card price at the bottom of the screen. When you are ready you can either press Play to buy the card or even choose Autoplay to buy multiple cards at once. Then, if you have only bought one card you need to choose one of the three pots of gold which don’t have the word Prize written on them. Then you wait and see if you have won. If you are a winner the leprechaun will popup and the music will get even more exciting. If you are unlucky the No Win sign will come up and you will have lost.


This is one bright and cheery game. Irish Luck Scratch is set in a typically Irish green field with a cloudy but sunny sky and some nice green trees. It is not difficult to play. Simply click the play button and then either choose a pot of gold or click Autopick. The graphics are very clearly created and make you feel comfortable. The music is the clincher, though. It makes you feel like you are there in Ireland and enjoying the Irish atmosphere all the time!


With loads of cash on offer everyone can enjoy Irish Luck Scratch. Try it out now and see if the luck of the Irish is inside you.



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