Iron Man 2

The excitement is palpable with Iron Man 2 Scratch, the game based on the famous Robert Downey Jr. movie. Originally the film spawned a slot game and this has now been complemented with a scratch game to boot. Keep on playing and if you match the reactors you’ll be a winner.

A movie classic turned scratch

Although the original Iron Man movie was a surprise smash hit for Robert Downey Jr. it was no surprise that its follow-up did so well. Iron Man 2 showed off Downey’s skills and Marvel’s movie making prowess. Now you can enjoy all the thrills of the movie with the Iron Man 2 Scratch game, the online gaming experience of a life time. Here you will find all of the famous characters, from Downey’s Tony Stark and Iron Man, through to Gwyneth Paltrow’s thoroughly sexy Virginia Potts and of course Mickey Rourke’s Ivan Vanko.
The aim of the game is to find three Reactor symbols on one row. You can win up to 10,000 times your bet whenever you play so get scratching and looking for those symbols. Tony Stark’s transformation into Iron Man is an inspiration in an of itself, so you can also transform yourself into a hero whenever you play this super scratch game.

How to play

The joy of this scratch game is that it is about getting three symbols in a row, but you can have them in an up or down row or even diagonal. Playing is fun and thorough throughout. First of all you need to decide how much you want to play for each time. This is achieved by clicking the plus or minus signs at the bottom of the scratch card. You can choose from 10p up to 100 GBP. Of course if you increase your bet you can increase your winnings exponentially. Then you simply need to choose a card and start scratching. If you find the magic matching symbols you’ll be a winner. And what a winner you may be. Because if you win big you could use the money however you want. How about a new car, or a cruise holiday. It could all be yours with Iron Man Scratch.


The graphics in Iron Man Scratch are superbly executed as you would expect from Playtech’s graphics team which is experienced and classy all at the same time. Check out the animated characters at the sides and the flashy reactor symbols in the in the cards themselves. It all comes together to give you an amazing scratch experience that evokes the excitement of the Downey movies themselves.


If you love super heroes you’re going to be into the Iron Man 2 Scratch in a big way. It has massive prizes on offer and super gameplay. Never again will you look at Robert Downey Junior in the same way!



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