This is no ordinary ape. Kong Scratch brings together the movie prowess of Peter Jackson’s 2005 epic and the history of the 1930s original to create a stunning scratch game which is simply unforgettable. All the main characters are here, so check out the scratch panels and see if you have won a big prize.

An Enormous Scratch Experience

Kong Scratch is nothing if not massive. This game has the power to overwhelm you with its incredible graphics and atmosphere which all come from the greatest ape of all time. King Kong is everywhere and nowhere in this game, which is based on the superb movie which Peter Jackson launched on an unsuspecting world back in 2005. Yes, all the characters are here, from Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll and Naomi Watts as the sultry Ann Darrow. Of course Andy Serkis’s Kong shows up time and time again, as does the inimitable Jack Black as Carl Denham, the crazy film director who forced the story along in the first place.

The fun in Kong Scratch comes from its ability to make you jump with delight and surprise you with the winning possibilities. You know that when you play you can end up winning an enormous amount of money just from one tiny scratch. As you well know, if you bet more you will be able to win more. So ramp up that card price and give yourself a chance of winning so much money in one go that you will be able to go and buy yourself a Skull Island and maybe even find your own King Kong to look after. It’s all in the scratch of the card. The prizes are there for you.

How to play

When you start playing Kong Scratch you will realise that it is a thrilling experience. It includes all the characters you love and hate, and gives you the atmosphere of a scary jungle each and every time. The game is fun and simple. All you have to do is scratch off the panels and try and find the symbol or character which was shown in the circle. First, though, you need to choose your card amount. The more you play for the more you can win, because your prize depends on the multiplier of the character or symbol. Don’t worry; you won’t need to work it out. The game displays how much you can win whenever you play.

Various buttons are included on the scratch game, including the shuffle button. This allows you to choose an alternative card before you start playing. You can shuffle up to three times whenever you play a round, so take your pick. There is also a scratch all button which allows you to get right to it and scratch the entire card all at once. The tension is high but the stakes are even greater when you scratch to win.


After the success of the Kong slot game it is no surprise that Playtech has dived right in with a scratch version. And it is a beautiful experience with all the fun and excitement of the jungle built right in. The characters from Jackson’s movie are bright and shiny, drawing you in to the atmosphere ahead. Of course the music makes you feel like you are already there, living the life of a jungle man and looking for the treasure you would love to find.


With Kong Scratch you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of an explorer. Enter the jungle and search for the hidden treasure, because if you scratch off the right panels you might end up wealthy.



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