Lotto Madness

Sometimes you just get that lottery itch. We all love seeing the balls pop out and checking to see how much we have won. So now you can take the chance whenever you want with Lotto Madness Scratch. The chances of winning are great so take the plunge and choose your balls.

Watch the Balls Drop

The lottery is that magical game that has captured the heart of many a nation. In the UK, for example, the national lottery has been a mainstay for nearly 20 years, giving local people the excitement of the chance of winning a few times a week by watching the draw live on the television. But sometimes you don’t want to wait for the lottery draw – that’s where Lotto Madness Scratch comes in. You can play it wherever you are, whenever you want, on your computer. This is no regular scratch card, it includes a fantastic lottery ball emulator where you first have to wait for the balls to drop before you can scratch your card. Only then will you be able to find out if you are a big prize winner.

How to play

Lotto Madness Scratch recreates the thrill of lottery game play with a superb level of simplicity combined with the heights of fun. Each time you click on the play button five numbered balls will roll into the tube at the top of the screen. Before you do this you first need to choose to play one two or three cards and decide how much each card is worth. Once you have made those choices you can press the magical Play button. This activates the lottery and you will see five balls roll into the tube at the top of the screen. It is only then you can scratch off the cards. If you find a number which matches one of the five numbered balls you win. You can also win by revealing a cash prize symbol or a bonus symbol.


This is one well designed game. From the cute cartoon images at the top of the screen to the flashing lotto cards, you immediately feel like you are playing a serious lottery game. Of course the main attraction is the tube at the top where the lottery balls fall into each time you play. It all comes together to create a scratch game which is distinctly different other games out there. The game is always exciting and fun to play. The red background combines with the gold numbers and gold buttons to create a thrilling experience where you can almost always feel like a winner. When you hit the prize you will feel so good you may jump for joy. Just go for it, it is always worth it with Lotto Madness scratch.


With Lotto Madness Scratch you can scratch your way to lottery cash success. Just watch out for the bonus prizes.



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