Love Match

Do you love romanticism? Then head off for Love Match, the scratch game which puts the angel into love. Whenever you play you will be able to seal the deal with a classic cash money prize. Just check out the scratch panels and find the angels there. If you’ve got them you are a winner!

Romantic Scratching for Everyone

Love is one of the most powerful emotions out there. From the start of time people have been falling in love – boys and girls, girls and boys, it’s there and nobody need be concerned. Now you can embrace the happiness of this emotion with Love Match, the latest romantic scratch game from online gaming masters Playtech. The amazing thing is that when you play you can become a millionaire in an instant. Instantly! All you have to do is bet some money and hope for the best. But with love in the air you know that there is a chance for anything to happen. You just need to let yourself go and feel the happiness rush through your bones.

Love is something that many people don’t really feel. And that is often because they do not welcome the love into their soul. Love Match is a game which inspires all around it to feel the love and with it win the money they know they want. With this money they can treat their loved ones with whatever they want. Perhaps you will buy a diamond necklace, or a holiday for two to the Seychelles. A millionaire is often the best lover.

How to play

The Love Match scratch pitches you against the computer. It isn’t difficult to get yourself going. Just choose a card amount at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the cutesy heart icons. When you are sure you have bet enough, then press play and hope for the best. You can also choose the autoplay option. With love on your side you can come up trumps and win a massive cash prize. To win you need to find three angle symbols in a row. This can be horizontal or vertical or even diagonal. The result is the same – a celebration of money in the air. You have the opportunity to make yourself happy with love, so take it on and feel it and the rest will be history.


Graphically, Love Match may not be outstanding. But it does the job of evoking the happiness and joy of a match made in heaven. The angels are lovely, making you feel loved all over again. Every time. The one on the left flirts with you as she strums the strings. And the one on the right makes you feel wanted whenever you play. Of course nothing beats that winning feeling, so get scratching and good luck.


With Love Match you know you are in for a treat. Keep on scratching because when you match the angels you can win up to a million pounds every single time. It’s incredible.



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