Pharaoh’s Kingdom

The Pharaohs will be satisfied with Pharaoh’s Kingdom, the Egyptian game which leads to a pyramid of success. All you have to do is scratch to win and you can end up with a jackpot amount in just one go. Get scratching today to win a big money prize.

It’s Time to Clown Around!

Sometimes you need to go back in time to get to the true power of online gaming. With Pharaoh’s Kingdom you will do just that. You will find yourself deep underground in the tomb of some of the most powerful leaders of the ancient world. Egypt’s Pharaohs were more than just kings. They were supreme leaders who commanded the confidence and trust of the entire nation. So many years have passed since the rule of these individuals, but you can now get back and feel the atmosphere.
Pharaoh’s Kingdom contains all the famous Egyptian images, from the scroll to the pyramid, the cat to the scorpion. They are all there to make you feel the feeling. You will realise when you play this game that you can win big jackpot style prizes whenever you want. You just need to feel the feeling.

How to play

When you play Pharaoh’s Kingdom you will feel the excitement of ancient scratches of old. To start yourself off set the card value. This is chosen by clicking the plus or minus signs at the bottom of the screen. You then need to decide if you want to shuffle the cards or go with the one you have. If you want to shuffle you have three chances to change card by clicking the shuffle button. Then you press Play to reveal the prize symbol. It is now time to either scratch all of the panels at once or go for them individually. Whichever you choose you will have the chance of making lots of money whenever you scratch. If you reveal a symbol which matches the prize symbol you will be able to claim the prize that is displayed. If you are lucky it could be a massive jackpot.


Playtech has done well to create an online scratch game which really brings the player into the atmosphere of the Pyramids. You will love the ancient symbols which bring you right up to the top. When you win the whole screen shakes with excitement. The logo across the middle of the left side of the screen is an excellent addition as it really shows off the Egyptian atmosphere.


Pharaoh’s Kingdom is one of the top ancient scratch games you will find on any gaming site. With 777 Scratch Cards you will be in for a stunning winning time with this Egyptian-themed game which gives you lots of chances to win big cash prizes when you play it.



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