Pink Panther

Have you ever seen a panther that is pink? That’s the question that’s going to be on your lips when you play this fantastic retro-themed game which takes you back to the classic Pink Panther cartoons of the 1960s and 70s. All the characters are there – the little man, Clouseau and of course the Pink Panther.

A cheeky game of fun

The Pink Panther was a cartoon phenomenon in the 60s and 70s, and now he is back on your computer screen with the Pink Panther Scratch. As the classic title music told us, “he really is a groovy cat, he’s a gentleman a scholar he’s an acrobat.” And this is the atmosphere that translates in this fun and groovy scratch game. It’s easy to play and easy to win cash with. Just scratch off the card and see if you find some matching characters. The game has some funky music in the background so you can shuffle your way to financial success while grooving to the music.

How to play

As with all the Playtech scratch cards, you have the chance to win more by betting more. So when you first start playing you need to choose how much you want to play for. Then, once you have chosen your card price, you need to choose a card. Once the card is chosen it is simply a matter of choosing the squares to scratch off or pressing autoplay to scratch them all off together. Once they are scratched if you match three characters you are a winner. Some of the characters are harder to find than others though. And if you find three Pink Panther symbols you will win an incredible 15,000 times the total bet. There is also the option of playing the three cards game by scratching the Free Cards box at the top of the card window. You can win from 0 to 3 free cards and they are all played automatically if you trigger the card game. You can even win more free cards when you play a free card game!


We all love a classic cartoon, and with the Pink Panther Scratch you’ve got it all. A super game with the cheeky smile of the Pink Panther watching over you each and every time you play. The music is jazzy and fun and perfectly reflects the character of the Panther who stands on the side with his eyes moving left to right, wearing a smart bow tie. Never before has a panther been so inviting.


The Pink Panther is one of the finest every cartoon characters and this game is one which will take you to the top and back each time you play. The more you bet the more you can win, so get playing today and make some money.



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