Punisher War Zone

Just like the legendary Punisher Frank Castle, you’ll be taking no prisoners with this superb new scratch game designed to emulate the thrills and excitement of the legendary crime fighting comic. The game is based on the Marvel comic movie from 2008 and does it justice.

A Punishing challenge

Punisher War Zone Scratch puts you right in the thick of the action. This thrilling game is based on the famous crime fighting Marvel comics character and his escapades during the classic 2008 movie starring Ray Sevenson. The aims is simple, match three symbols and win yourself some cash. Watch out for the bad guys though, because you know that the deadly Jigsaw is out to get you every time you play. As with all the best Marvel games, there is a special bonus opportunity out there for you whenever you play. So if you are looking for deep excitement and invigoration, Punisher War Zone Scratch is the way to go.

How To Play

Punisher War Zone Scratch is one of the most simple scratch games out there. But that doesn’t mean it is an easy win. You have to fight for your cash prizes each and every time you play. The aim is easy. You have to try and find three matching symbols on the three by three grid. To get you started you need to decide how much to play for. The more you bet the more you can win, because the different symbols give you more and more money. For example if you find three pistol symbols your stake will be doubled. But if you find three Punisher logos you will suddenly see yourself win ten times the card price. You can win up to 200 GBP each time you play. And there is more. If you find a skull bones bonus symbol you are in for some luck. Because you can get to play the bonus game where you choose one of the skulls and win the amount hidden behind it. Choose carefully, because you could be on to a big bonus.


The graphics here are simple, yet suggestive. They immediately evoke the atmosphere of the legendary crime fighting hero, Punisher. The music in the background continue the dark and dirty theme. Put it all together and you have a scratch game which pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. The more you play the more chances you have to win.


Punisher War Zone Scratch is a must for all comic book fans, especially those who enjoy the crime fighting exploits of the movie. So scratch off those panels and see just how much you have won.



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