Sylvester Stallone gets back in the ring for Rocky Scratch – one of the most exciting scratch games you will ever play. Each time you choose a card to scratch off a clip from one of the Rocky films is played. All you can do is hope as Rocky fights for the right to win you cash.

Rocky Fights For Success Every Time

If there is one series of movies which sums up the power of determination and achievement it is the Rocky series. Each time we see the fighter battle the difficulties to find success in the ring. This achievement of battling against the elements and his opponents is nothing but inspiring. And it has inspired a wonderful scratch game which is full of the thrills of the movie series. Not only does it evoke Rocky, it features clips from the movie each and every time you play. It is so cool to see how you win when Rocky wins. And when you win you may end up with a massive cash prize to fulfill your dreams!

How to play

To win money in this game you have to beat one of Rocky’s famous opponents. Which one you fight is totally up to you. Each game you get to choose between Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago or Mr T’s Clubber Lang. When you choose an opponent you will see a clip from one of the classic Rocky movies. If you win Rocky and the opponent is knocked out the celebratory music plays and you win cash. If you lose you will have to see Rocky knocked to the floor.
In this game, though, preparation is everything. So before you start fighting you need to choose a card amount by pressing the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen. Only then will you be able to press Play and choose an opponent. Timing is key here and you just never know which the right person to fight is. You have to pick your opponent carefully. If you are a winner the music plays and you will dance for joy.


Sylvester Stallone looms large in this game which has superb graphics throughout. Every time you choose a card you will see a clip from a Rocky film. This brings the entire game to life and nothing is better than the exhilaration you’ll get when you see Rocky knock out Mr T or Dolph Lundgren to win you a bundle of cash. When you have watched the clip, whether you have won or lost, you can scratch off the other panels to see what would have happened if you had chosen them.


This is a knockout game which is sure to get your pulse racing. Smash your opponent down and you’ll be a winner. You can win so much cash every time you play that you might be knocked out with excitement.



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