You’ve got to spin it to win it with Roulette Scratch, the latest casino-style scratch game from online gaming leaders Playtech. With so many chances to win it would be folly not to give it a whirl. So scratch off a roulette wheel and go for it!

You’ve got to Spin it to Win it

Roulette is one of the most famous classic casino games out there. It is believed to have started in France hundreds of years ago and is still here with us today. Considering this history it is a little surprising that it has taken so long for it to hit the scratch scene. But now it is here, and what a game we have. Roulette Scratch pitches you against the computer in a scratch off which will heighten your senses and get you in the mood for some money.
With Roulette Scratch you have the opportunity to win thousands whenever you play. It is simple to get a hold of and you are not even required to choose a number. Simply place a bet and scratch off the five panels. If one of them reveals the same number as the roulette ball landed on in the opposite panel you will win the prize shown.

How to play

Get ready for some casino scratch action when you play Roulette Scratch. All the thrills and spills of this classic casino game are here for you to play. And when you play you can win hundreds of thousands each and every time.
Playing is easy. First you need to place your bet. This is done by choosing the card value at the bottom of the screen. To change the value of the card click on the plus and minus signs till you are satisfied you have found the amount you want. Next, you can choose to shuffle up to three times by clicking the shuffle button. This allows you to choose an alternative card. Then you simply click the big Play button and hope for a win. You can either scratch off the five scratch panels and the roulette wheel individually or you can choose Scratch All and sit back and let the computer do the work for you. Either way, if the number the ball lands on matches one of the numbers under the scratch panels you will win the listed cash prize.


Everyone loves the thrills of the casino and this game gives it to you in droves. Each time you play you will get the tingle of the historic roulette wheel, because you never know which number will come up. The graphics are a little basic but they do the trick. This game evokes the feeling of a classic scratch card that you used to buy in the local store or kiosk. When you scratch a little coin comes up and the panel is scratched off.


For casino lovers this game is a must. It is full of the fun of the casinos and gives you the chance of winning big prizes each and every time.



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