Santa Scratch

Get into the Christmas Spirit with Santa Scratch, the snow-filled scratch game which will heat up your chilly Christmas season. You have loads of chances to win cash prizes whenever you play. So look out for the Santa symbols and win some money.

The Spirit of Santa Arrives

As the day’s become shorter and the temperature becomes a little colder you know that it means winter is coming. And with winter there is only one festival that really counts – Christmas. Well now you can channel into the amazing Christmas spirit whenever you want, any day of the year, any time of the day, with Santa Scratch. This game revives the Christmas atmosphere if it isn’t even Christmas. It features the most emblematic character of all – Santa Claus.
Yes, Father Christmas is here to give you the presents you always wanted. All you have to do is take a seat and scratch off Santa’s scratch panels. If you find three Santas in a row you will win the indicated prize. It is as easy as that. And it is worth it, because whenever you play you can win a big prize, big enough to give you the amazing Christmas present you never got as a youngster. If you are a big winner you can go and treat yourself. Buy a sports car, or even a boat. The options are endless, the fun phenomenal. We love Christmas and we love Santa Scratch because it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

How to play

It is the season to be jolly. Well even if it isn’t winter time you can take advantage of Santa Scratch and battle to win massive jackpot sized prizes any day of the week. To play you must first choose how much you want to spend on each card by setting the card value at the bottom of the screen. Then you can choose to shuffle the card by clicking the shuffle button. This allows you to choose an alternative card which could give you more chance of winning. Then you have the option of clicking Autoplay. This may be the lazy option but it makes things much easier if you have already decided to commit to playing up to 50 times in a row. Then, once you have clicked the Play button you either choose scratch all or scratch each panel individually. If you find a row of three santas you are a winner.


Santa Scratch is one of those online scratch games which gets you from the start. From the festive music to the smiling Santa images, you will feel ready for the Christmas spirit each every time you play. The graphics are a little on the basic side but the snow filled mountains and Father Christmas images make you feel like you are right there at Christmas whenever you play. Add in the bouncing gifts which are animated when you win and you know you are on to a winner.


There has never been a more fest scratch game than Santa Scratch. Rub off the panels today and if you reveal three Santas in a row you will win the money.



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