With Classic Slots Scratch you can win massive amounts of money in the style of the old slots games of years gone by. Just look for three matching symbols on any of the slot machines. If you find them you will be in the money.

Old Style Scratch Fun

Slot machines have been a mainstay of casino gaming since the late 1800s. Now we have Classic Slots Scratch, the retro style game which takes you back to the old days when a game was a game and a horse was a horse. Here you can win big cash prizes by spinning the slot games. Each time you pay you will have three slots to play with. That’s triple the chance and triple the opportunity to win. You need to look out for three symbols in a row. So if it’s a row of grapes or melons, bells or bars, they will all win you big cash prizes. Of course you shouldn’t miss out on the big 7 symbols. If you find the classic 777 you will be in for a big prize. So get spinning and scratching today so you don’t miss out.

How to play

It may be a game in the style of the classic slot games of years gone by, but Classic Slots Scratch is a game of the new millennium – the online generation. It is easy to play with and ewasy to win at. First choose a card value by clicking the arrow buttons at the bottom left of the screen. Then click on the play button and see if you have won. The tension is palpable as you scratch off the panels. If you find three symbols in a row which match you will win the displayed prize. You can choose to do a scratch all or even an autoscratch if you want to make things move a little quicker.


Considering the old-school style it is impressive that Classic Slots Scratch has so much excitement built into it. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the graphics that make this game the success that it has become. Who knows? Whatever it is, Classic Slots Scratch is one of those atmospheric scratch games that we all love to play. The flashing lights at the top immediately make you feel like you are playing one of the coolest games out there. And then there are the symbols themselves, the stars of the show. It all comes together to make one of the greatest casino scratch games ever produced by Playtech.


When you want to play a casino scratch game this is the place to go. Because with Classic Slots Scratch you will always be in for a big money game.



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