The Monty Python-themed Spamalot Scratch game features the characters which made this a theatre sensation in the mid 2000s. From King Arthur to the Lady of the Lake, they are all here to help you win big cash prizes. So don’t be fearful, dive in and start winning.

Fantastic Scratch Fun for Everyone

When Spamalot pounced onto Broadway in the mid 2000s few people were ready for the theatrical phenomenon that was about to explode. Suddenly the famous Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie was revived with all its sillyness and a whole new story. Now you can play a scratch game online totally themed to hit you like the Grail. It includes all the famous characters like King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake.
The game is so much fun you might not have a chance to play anything else all day. It’s so easy as well. You just need to look for the symbol on the parchment. If you find it you will pick up the cash prize on offer in an instant. It is as simple as that. One two three, let’s go.

How to play

Spamalot Scratch is all about the symbol shown by King Arthur at the start of each game round. Once you have seen it you can start scratching and see if you have won. All you have to do to win is find one symbol from the nine scratch panels which matches the symbol on the parchment. King Arthur is hoping you are a winner. And even if you are not, you can have another go immediately.
Of course you can choose to play multiple games at once click by clicking the autoplay button and choosing how many games to play. You can play up to 50 cards in one click which makes it even more fun. You just need to sit back and let the game flow while you enjoy the funky graphics and spiffing music. Watch out for the big 2,000 GBP logos because you can easily win a big prize immediately.


Monty Python started off with the legendary Flying Circus series which was well known for its quality joke graphical elements. Luckily for you the Spamalot Scratch game doesn’t let you down. The graphics and music combine for a fun and flirtatious experience which includes the Lady of the lake and all the other symbols emblematic of our friendly knights in shining armour. You will always have a good time with Spamalot.


The Spamalot scratch will take you to places you never thought were possible. With these graphics and the King Arthur theme it is no surprise that this medieval scratch game is already a bonafide English smash hit all over the world.



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