If you are a Marvel comic fan you can’t fail to be excited by this stunning Spiderman scratch game. Spiderman Attack of the Green Goblin Scratch is wonderfully designed and brings a tear to the eye of all the comic fans.

You’ll Need Spidey Vision For This One

Some scratch games are simple and well designed. But nothing has ever been available on the level of the brand new Spiderman Attack of the Green Goblin Scratch. It is a new game which takes comic book scratch offerings up to a level never previously reached. We were absolutely blown away by the detail and gameplay which combines to bring you the chance to win massive amounts of cash whenever you play.

Of course it is one thing enjoying the visuals but nothing compares to the thrills of winning big cash prizes. And like all Playtech designed scratch games, the winning is the essence. You know you can play all day and have absolutely thousands of chances to win cash prizes each and every time. They arrange from a few Euros up to thousands upon thousands. So there has never been a better time to get yourself caught up in the web of Spiderman and scratch your way to big, big bucks.

How to play

The simplicity of the Spiderman Attack of the Green Goblin Scratch belies the design and authenticity. It may look easy but sometimes it is anything but. The aim of the game is to match the image in the prize box to one of the panels.

When you first start playing you need to go down to the bottom of the screen and choose your card price. This can range from just 20 cents to an enormous 100 Euros a card. Of course the more you play for the more you can win every time you play. When you bet 100 Euros you could sometimes get away with winning an incredible 100,000. So don’t always think it is better to bet small because big bucks mean big prizes on offer.

Once you have chosen a card price it is time to play. You can either click the autoplay button and let the game play by itself or scratch each card individually. Both options are really fun and exciting. If you choose to go with the individual option you should either scratch all or scratch each panel individually.


There is nothing that even compares to the graphics on Spiderman Attack of the Green Goblin Scratch that is out there these days. The images are spot on and the whole package makes you feel like you are immersed into a Spiderman comic. It is this sort of graphicology which is likely to attract the many comic book fans out there and props go to Playtech for a stunning game.


With beauty its advantage and massive prizes on offer there is no doubt that Spiderman Attack of the Green Goblin Scratch is one of the most thrilling scratch games out there. We recommend this extremely highly.



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