The Mummy

Look behind you, because the Mummy is coming. The Mummy Scratch takes its inspiration from the classic Brendan Fraser movies and even moves the excitement level up a notch. With The Mummy Scratch you can win lots of cash prizes whenever you play, so get scratching.

All You Can Do is Step Back In Time

Brendan Fraser’s Mummy movie was a smash hit in 1999. Now it’s back and bigger than ever in the Mummy Scratch. All the characters are there as you scratch your way to big wins. Every time you play you have to match three characters to win. If you find the Mummy you will win an incredible 1000 times the card price.
The Mummy was no regular movie – it was an achievement against the odds, with the crew experiencing all sorts of difficulties during filming in the Sahara desert, ranging from sandstorms to dehydration as well as dangerous snakes. This fight against the odds sums up the energy of The Mummy Scratch. It is only through true battle and effort that you can overcome and find the prizes that can change your life. This is the truth. Because if you do find three identical symbols behind the nine scratch panels you will win an instant prize – reward for your explorers instinct and your sheer determination to succeed above all the odds.

How to play

When you first play the Mummy Scratch you might not find it is easy. But soon you will find yourself immersed into the world of the ancient Egyptians. It is an amazing experience which shows just how far the Playtech Scratch team has come since launching their first games just a few years ago.
First you need to choose a card price at the bottom of the screen. Then you click the flashing red Play button. Only then can you choose to scratch. Will you scratch all or choose individual panels at a time. Either way you will find yourself in the optimum position for winning a big cash prize. And then there is more: if you find the Mummy Bonus symbol you are in for a treat. You will get the chance to scratch an extra chest off and win another prize. So get scratching.


All your favourite characters can be found in this super scratch card which evokes the spirit of the Mummy movies. Brendan Fraser’s researcher and adventurer Rick O’Connell takes centre stage, while the gorgeous Rachel Weisz is all over the game as Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan. Of course the Mummy itself is the star of the show. The explosions that fill the screen whenever you scratch off the panelsm makes this even more exciting. The feeling of blowing up another panel always gives a good atmosphere.


The Mummy Scratch takes you back to the times when explorers found big rewards. The more you look the more you will find.



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