The Six Million Dollar Man

You’ll love the retro feel of The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch. It includes all the excitement of the 1970s TV show and gives you lots of chances to win big cash amounts. So put your bionic effort in and you could end up with the massive 500 EUR prize.

A Bionic Game for The Ages

Steve Austin was a hero in every sense of the world when he burst onto television screens back in 1973. The man, known as the Bionic Man or the Six Million Dollar Man, had much of his body rebuilt after surviving a crash in a government plane. The rebuild, at the cost of an incredible $6m, gave him extra powers such as speedy running and night vision in his left eye.
Now you have the chance to enter the world of this super character, made famous by Lee Majors. When you play the Six Million Dollar Man Scratch you can win yourself an amazing amount of money each and every time you play. But don’t expect it to be easy. You have to find three matching symbols when you scratch off four panels on the grid. It’s a challenge, but if you are inspired by the Bionic Man himself, you will be able to overcome the odds and walk away a winner with a “Major” cash boost.

How to play

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch is a classic retro scratch game with a little difference to most games. Instead of scratching off all of the nine panels you can only scratch off four. If you find three matching symbols you will win the shown prize. This is the aim and this is the realisation.
Of course, the more you play for the more you can win. So first you need to select your card price by clicking on the plus or minus signs. Then you can click the Play button to buy a scratch card and pick four panels to scratch off. Alternatively you can use the Scratch All button to let the computer choose four panels for you.
The game also includes other features, such as the Auto Play option which lets you sit back and relax as the game runs its course. This is best for a chilled out gaming session as it is not too taxing. The Menu button at the bottom gives you extra options, including a game history window where you can see how you did in recent game rounds and a help section.


The graphics here are great – really true to the excitement of the 1970s classic show. The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch is all funky 1970s computer screens and flashing dots. When you change the card price you see a wheel spin with the amount on it and the entire setting is very techno. The music is nicely atmospheric and if you get two matching symbols before scratching the fourth panel extra special music plays and it all flashes.


The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch is a classic game which evokes all the atmosphere and fun of the TV show. The more you play the more you can win, so get scratching today.



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