Thor is one of the most mysterious and powerful characters on the superhero scene, so it is not surprising that the Thor Scratch game has already made such an impact on the online gaming scene. This is a game which packs a punch and gives you the chance to win big cash prizes every time.

The Power of Thor is with you

The superheroes from Marvel’s fabulously successful Avengers movie come to life in Thor Scratch, the scratch game which plunges you into the thrilling world of mythology and superstars. The gameplay is quick and fierce, giving you many chances to win big cash prizes. All you have to do is match three symbols to win. Watch out for the baddies and focus on the superstars. As per usual, there are choices of autoplay and how many cards to play at once. You can win up to 200 UKP at once

How to play

It’s never easy to be a superhero, and that maxim comes to life with Thor Scratch, one of the trickiest but most exciting and gratifying scratch games out there. The aim of the game is to find three identical symbols under the scratch card’s nine panels. That is already a challenge, so you must believe in yourself if you really want to win. There is also the chance of winning by finding the Orb bonus symbol, so don’t worry if you don’t find three exactly the same.
The Orb brings you on to the next stage, something that may blow your mind. If you find an Orb you will move on to the Orb bonus round where you need to pick the right one to see which prize you have won. It can be a tension filled moment, but you may be rewarded with some of the greatest cash prizes of the day.


Unlike many of the other Playtech scratch games, this is not connected to a specific slot game, so it has a unique feeling that you might not be aware of. But with the power of the Marvel catalogue behind it Playtech has come up with a super looking mystical hero game. The atmosphere shows through and through with characters from the Thor movies popping up all over the place. The background is just right for a game of this magnitude so you know you are ready for something special each and every time you play Thor Scratch. Then there is the eerie but exciting music which powers this beautiful game. It all comes together to create a joyful fun game which emulates the excitement of the Thor comics while bringing extra chances to win big money prizes whenever you play.


If you are a superhero fan then this is a no-brainer. Enjoy the thrills of scratch with one of the best superheroes out there: Thor.



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