Top Trumps Celeb

With Top Trumps Celeb Scratch you can win big each and every time you play. The more you play the more you can win. So look out for celebrities like Sean Connery and you will be in the money whenever you find them. Shuffle, autoplay and scratch all features are all included.

Instant wins with Hollywood Stars

Hollywood is all about instant rewards so it is no coincidence that Top Trumps Celeb Scratch has found its way onto the instant game scene. This is a glitzy game which takes you straight from the red carpet to your computer All of the most popular stars are waiting for you at the Top Trumps Celeb Scratch. If you find the right one you can win massive amounts of money in an instant.
Celebrities include Nicholas Cage, Christina Aguillera and Britney Spears. Imagine spending an evening rubbing them away! Now you can with Top Trumps Celeb Scratch, the most exciting Hollywood-themed scratch game out there. Even Brad Pitt and Madonna make an appearance if you scratch enough.

How to play

As with the top scratch games you will find online, Top Trumps Celeb Scratch is simple to play but difficult to put down! The game shows you the true faces of the celebrities you love to love or maybe you love to hate. Either way you will love the gameplay here on this Playtech game.
When you play you first need to choose how much you are playing for. The higher your bet the more you can win, so don’t be shy, play for more money and win big cash prizes. To choose a card price you need to click on the plus or minus signs next to the amount at the bottom of the screen. You can then click on the red Play button. If you want to scratch off the panels individually you are welcome to. Alternatively you can click scratch all. The autoplay feature allows you to scratch off multiple cards without lifting a finger.
When the panels are scratched off, if you have found the same celebrity as revealed behind the prize panel you will win the displayed amount.


This is one celebrity-filled game which will bring you closer to the stars than you ever thought imaginable. You can see them all here, from Brad Pitt to Sean Connery, Britney to Christina. The images are true and good which make you feel excellent. The game is full of cute graphical elements which make it feel even more magical, like flashing lights and pumping music which turns on when you win.


If you love the superstars of American celebrity culture you can’t go wrong with Top Trumps Celeb Scratch, the most glamorous scratch game online. Have fun and see how much you can win!



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