Winners Club

When you play Winners Club you know you will have the chance to win incredible progressive jackpot prizes. Take your pick from the Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum cards. The higher the card value the bigger the chance of winning a jackpot.

Join Winners Club For Something Different

Winners Club is a different sort of scratch card game, perhaps something you may not be used to. But once you start playing this game you will find yourself drawn into the many options to find a winning prize. The great thing about the game is the variety of opportunities it contains. When you play you have a choice of playing one of four different levels of scratch cards. If you pick the highest sellers, the Gold and Platinum cards, you will get a chance to win the progressive jackpot.
So what is a progressive jackpot? Simply put, this is a jackpot which is contributed to by players every time they play. The longer the jackpot isn’t won the more it is worth. This makes it very attractive indeed for players who are looking to win big in an instant.

How to play

As we said, this game works a little differently from most Playtech scratch cards. It gives you the chance to win a massive jackpot. The first thing you will notice is that you don’t choose a card price when you start. With this game you choose one of the four card options – Classic, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The Classic cards cost 0.35 Euros a card, the Silver cost 0.75 Euros a card, the Gold cost 1.50 Euros a card and the Platinum cost 3.50 Euros a card. The exciting thing here is that if you play the Gold or Platinum cards you will have a chance of winning the jackpot.
That isn’t to say there isn’t any point playing the other cards. Far from it. Once you play a card you just need to find three matching money amounts. Then you will win the prize. This is a classic game and it shows that every second card is a winner, on average.
Once you have chosen a card type you must choose one of the ten cards available or click 10 New Tickets. To play the card you click Buy Ticket then scratch off the card as usual.


The clever thing about this game is its minimalism. Anyone looking for flashy graphics should go elsewhere, because Winners Club is an old school game, reminiscent of the old cards you may have bought from a kiosk in the old days. It all adds up to a great game with big winning prizes.


With Winners Club you have the chance to really hit the big time and win tens of thousands each and every time. So go for the jackpot and join the Winners Club.



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