There are some big, big, big winning chances available with Wolverine Scratch. This exciting character is known for being the best at what he does. He may not be very nice, but the prizes on offer here most definitely are. So get scratching like crazy and win some big money.

Get Scratching With the Man

If there was ever a super hero who was ripe for a scratch card game it is Wolverine. The man with the biggest fingernails in the business would love this game, which is full of big characters and even bigger chances to win and make some lovely cash money.

Wolverine’s catchphrase was “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice” and this comes through on this scratch game. But you will feel much nicer if you end up winning and there are many chances to do so with this game. Playtech have come up trumps with some of the most thrilling Marvel comic related games time and again and here they do it once again. It is beautifully designed and drags you deep into the world of the Avengers and X-Men. This is one mutant you need to get up and close and personal with.

How to play

Like all the best scratch games, Wolverine scratch is simple but enthralling. It’s top fun each and every time. The aim of the game is to match three symbols or characters across a line or up a column. If you do so you will win a prize. Simple as that.

The gameplay is great. What you need to do is decide how much you want to play each card for. Then you can decide to do the multiplay option when you can play upwards of 10 times in an instant. You just choose the amount of cards you want to play at once and let the computer do its thing. Alternatively you can take control and do the traditional thing and scratch off each panel individually. The third alternative is to tackle each card by itself but use the scratch all button to scratch the entire card in one go, thereby saving time. And we all know time means money!


As a Playtech Marvel scratch game there is no surprise that the graphics are enthrallingly brilliant. They really bring this game alive. The surprise comes when you win, because as well as hearing some cool music you will get an animation across the middle of the scratch card. The more you win the cooler the animation. All the top characters are recreated for this game and attention to detail shown makes it all worth it.


We were blown away by this beautiful game. Wolverine Scratch takes a stand and sticks with it. You can win so much money while enjoying yourself you know you need to go with it and take the Wolverine plunge.



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