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At, we believe that your loyalty should be rewarded. That is why we developed the Claim Your Cash loyalty program, which allows you to build up points as you play. Your can cash in your points, or build up more points and get even more cash.

How It Works

  • Every time you use real money, you are rewarded with loyalty points.
  • When you leave a game, your points follow you to the next game and added to your account.
  • At any point, you can decide to redeem your points for cash.
  • Get more cash for your points by redeeming them in higher quantities.

Example: Every $15 wagered on slots will earn you 1 loyalty point. $150 wagered will earn your 10 points. reserves the right to revoke Loyalty Points in cases where players are using systems or strategies to abuse the Loyalty Scheme.
* Low-risk roulette bets, red/black, odd/even, and low/high do not count towards Loyalty Points. All double options on Slots & Video Poker (all varieties) will not earn loyalty points.

Rise In The Loyalty Ranks By Collecting Points

You will find that we know how to take care of our most loyal players. You can check our chart of loyalty levels and see that you get more bonus cash when you rise higher in the ranks.

You build up loyalty points at your own pace. We do not rush you, but you may want to rush yourself to take advantage of the much higher bonus levels that are higher up the chart. We will show you our appreciation by rewarding you with bonuses all along the way.

In order to reach our highest VIP level, a $3,000 deposit is required and you will need to have amassed 20,000 loyalty points. When you look at the chart, you will see that the VIP level is well worth the wait.

Your Points Entitle You To A Cash Bonus

You are always welcome to cash in your points at any time, but if you build up more points you can get the maximum return. The Claim Your Cash bonus program has seven loyalty levels to it, and you get more cash as you climb the ranks.

Let’s look at a player who has gathered up 1,000 points and sits at the silver level. That player could redeem 800 of his points to claim two separate $10 bonuses and remain with a balance of 200 points. However if that player adds another 500 points to his account, then he qualifies for a bonus of $50 – a 33% extra!

The idea is to reward players who gather up the most points and then redeem those points in large amounts. A gold member with 7,000 points is entitled to a $250 bonus, which is a 43%boost from the silver level bonuses. Improve your exchange rate by redeeming in larger amounts.

Our Claim Your Cash maximums for a calendar month are:

  • $5,000 for bronze, silver, and gold members
  • $20,000 for VIPs
  • $30,000 for VIP Elite members

Spending Your Loyalty Points

If you go to the casino cashier, you will see a tab titled “My Points.” This is where you will find out what level you are at, how far you are from the next level, the total number of points you have earned since you joined, and the points that you can spend on bonuses.

All you have to do to get your cash is click on “Claim.”

All of the points that you do not redeem will be deleted after three months of inactivity on your account.

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