Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter is set in a future world that isn’t easy to deal with by any means. Your mission is to hunt down the aliens. The more you find the more you will win in this 25-line 5-reel Playtech slot.


Spin away the Dangerous Aliens Today

The Alien Hunter is a dangerous and responsible job so only the bravest can take it on. This is your opportunity to put yourselves in the shoes of some of the most legendary alien hunters of them all. When you play this Playtech game you are battling for the survival of the universe, but the benefits can be enormous. The more you play the more you can win as there are 25 lines and five reels.

How to Play

When you play Alien Hunter you need to be prepared to take on the most gruesome, the most grizzly aliens out there. If you do you will have the chance to make a lot of money. Of course it might not work out for you, but you’ve got to be in it and spin it to win it.
This is a 25 line slot which has five reels so there are quite a few variations of options of how to play. Obviously the more you bet the more you can win. This may be obvious but don’t forget it. The first thing you do when you play is choose how much your coin size is, by clicking the plus and minus signs at the bottom right of the screen. Then you choose how many lines to bet on by clicking the Bet per Line button. If you reach the maximum amount it will go back to one. Then you choose the pay lines by clicking Select Lines. Then just spin and hope for a win.

Bonus features

Alien Hunter is an impressive game graphically and bonus-wise. It includes two different bonus rounds. The first is triggered by finding the egg bonus sumbol on the first and last reel. If you do this you will be transported to the alien egg bonus round where you have to find the best bonus doubler by uncovering the eggs. If you find the head jumpers egg your round will end.

The second bonus round is triggered with the space man symbol. If you find it three times on the middle three reels of an active payline you will be taken to the bonus round where you have try and catch six aliens in 15 seconds. The more you get the more you get, and of course there is a consolation prize if you get none.


We love Alien Hunter because it is fun and greeny and the same time. The more you play the more you can win so go catch some aliens.



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