It’s time to get into life saving mode with Baywatch Slot, the themed slot game from Playtech which throws you into the life of sun and sea, and of course buxom beauties. There are so many chances to win big money here.

Swimsuits All Over with Baywatch Slot

Before Baywatch no one was too bothered about lifeguards. Then in the mid 1990s everything changed. The buxom beauty that is Pamela Anderson exploded onto our screens and you could see the sexy girls and guys patrolling the beachfronts every week. It was an amazing thing for a young teenager like myself to behold, and that is one of the main attractions of this Baywatch Slot. It includes all your favourite characters, like Pammy’s CJ and of course Matt Brody and Neely.
Before, Baywatch was only available when it was broadcast on TV. Now, not only can you enter the Baywatch world whenever you want, day or night, you can feel the Baywatch experience and even win big cash prizes each and every time you play. Baywatch Slot really does its best recreate the atmosphere of the life guards on jet skis. The beach is there and there are great bonuses games for you to play.

Bonus and Features

When Pamela Anderson is around that is already a bonus is anyone’s book. But there is more with the free games feature on Baywatch Slot. If you find three classic logos of the TV show anywhere you will win free games. Additionally you can take advantage of the Caroline Holden feature. If the logo covers all of the third reel during free games you will get extra spins and triple wins. Then there are the Matt Brody feature opportunities. If you find the Matt logo you will get extra spins and there is even an extra wild option. That is what it is all about – free games, more winning chances, and more money if you are lucky. Soon you will be giving up your life of doldrums to lie on the beach and rely on a sexy lifeguard to look after you and run around looking bronzed and sexy.


Baywatch amazed a generation and it is likely that the slot game of the same name is going to do that all over again. There are jetskis and waves, along with sex and sun. All of this combines to make a happy fun game for everyone to enjoy with loads of winning chances.



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