Desert Treasure

Enter the world of the treasure hunt with Desert Treasure and you can hit gold any time you play. It’s all in a days work for our funky adventurous gold digger, but for you it could be the winning opportunity of a lifetime.

Discover the Treasure For You

When you play Desert Treasure Slot you are in for a hell of a fun time. Because it takes you out of the regular world and into a life where every second counts. Don’t take your eye off the screen because you might miss one of the deadly snakes and it could spell the end of your effort. But if you are careful and play to your strengths you can come away with a massive cash prize each time you play. You might not win every time but you know that the game is there for the taking.
Desert Treasure features all the classic symbols of a treasure hunt in the heat of the Sahara. Check out the slinky desert snakes, the sexy princess and the lizards. Add in the treasure map and compass and the nasty Arab villain trying to stop you and you have the treasure game to dream of.

How to win

There are plenty of ways to win with Desert Treasure. Of course you must never forget that the more you bet, and the more lines you bet on, the more you can win with each coin you bet. So go for it because it could be life changing. If you find the right combination and you hit the incredible progressive jackpot you can give up your regular life and head off for and adventure safari of your own. Imagine heading into the desert with only a princess and a guide for company. It wouldn’t be easy but it would be almost as thrilling as this desert themed game. You could live in a tent, explore the outback and enjoy the company of the fascinating partners. This is the experience of the desert treasure hunt and the more you play the more you will win.


With Desert Treasure you are taking a risk, but if you calculate it properly you could win massive cash prizes. The paylines are jam packed with opportunity and we all love a big win, so get spinning today and you might never forget the Desert Treasure success.



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