Iron Man 3

Now is the time to enter the world of Iron Man and Tony Stark. Once a brief comic book character, Iron Man has sprung all over our movie screens with the third edition only recently hitting theaters. Considering how recent this is it is thrilling to see the character back on our gaming screens with this amazing new Iron Man 3 Slot game. It is packed with winning prizes and extra bonus rounds.

Battling Evil Like only Iron Man Can

In just a few short years the Iron Man character has gone from a virtual unknown to one of the most all-encompassing and recognizable super hero franchises the world has ever seen. Considering the success of the first two games there is no need to really introduce the enigma that is Robert Downey Junior’s Iron Man character. He is a one man tour de force who is hell bent on protecting the world and fighting evil. Perhaps it is for that reason that the character has become so popular. He is fiercely committed to the cause and inspires duty and good in each and every one of us.

The latest Iron Man movie is perhaps one of the most successful of any of the super hero franchises. It sees Stark join up with the sexy Pepper Pots and battle the evil Mandarin. This 25 line five reel slot game stays true to the story, so each time you start spinning you know you are entering the most fascinating super hero world. It is a world which will suck you in and make you realise the truths that are out there. You must stay true to yourself, and your people, for only in this manner will you be able to come out on top. Of course, the more you play the more you can win, so commitment and consistency are key for this endeavour.

Stunning Graphics and Winning Bonus Games

The graphics on this game are extraordinary, underlining Playtech’s commitment to fun and passion. The characeters appear animated all the time and bonus games are full of suprises. So once you spin the wheel with Iron Man 3 you will begin entering the Marvel universe. There are lots of ways to win extra money. For example, if you wnter the Free games mode you will be able to choose which suit of armour to take and then get more games on the back of this. Each time you play you will be wowed by the graphics, especially the flashing Wild symbols which give you even more opportunities to win and win big. When you find five of a kind it flashes up and you win massive prizes. It all comes together to produce one of the best games we’ve seen for a very long time.


With so many winning opportunities and such stunning graphics there is no doubt that Iron Man 3 is going to take on the world and make a superb impact on the gaming community. This game is a true testament to the way you can take a movie and create a slot version of it. It is fast paced, thrilling and exhilarating and will keep even the most committed Marvel fan coming back for more goes.



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