VIP Club

A prestigious VIP Club is the heart of every successful venue, and we offer you one that you will be proud to be a member of. You will get access to exclusive events and exciting promotions that were previously unattainable. We will provide you with a gaming environment that will ensure your privacy and give you the prestigious feel you deserve.

You are Important!

The 777 Scratch VIP Club is the best way to enjoy all of what we have to offer, and much more. You will be treated with a personal service, attention to detail and special care to your individual needs. The VIP Club is a specialized service which is run by the most competent and highly trained team members with years of experience in VIP management.

The Benefits of VIP

Joining the VIP Club gives you professional standards and amazing benefits which will make you feel like royalty. You will soon realize that it is difficult to imagine how it was before you entered the club.

Benefits include:

  • A dedicated account manager who will tend to your every need and concern him/herself, ensuring that your gameplay is of utmost importance. No request is too big or small for your VIP account manager, who has been trained in providing the best service available.
  • Exclusive VIP promotions and benefits. You will be regularly informed of the newest VIP promotions which are exclusive to members of the VIP Club.
  • Gifts to celebrate special occasions. We know how to pamper our most valued customers, so don’t be surprised when you receive a dedicated treat for your birthday or on a special occasion such as your birthday or a holiday.
  • VIP Events. As a VIP Club member you will be invited to premium events which are available only for our preferred customers. These range from football matches, trips to the theater and hospitality packages at a casino.
  • Higher Loyalty Point conversion rates. When you are a VIP player you can convert loyalty points to cash at a much higher rate than regular players.
  • Faster withdrawal times. No longer will you need to wait much to receive your withdrawals. You will be able to get to your money within 24 hours.
  • Higher deposit limits. As a VIP player we know and trust you and we will extend your deposit limits to your benefit.
  • Lifetime membership. Once you become a 777Scratch VIP member you have joined for life. You will always be welcomed and pampered like you deserve to be.
  • Becoming a VIP

    To become a VIP Club member you simply need to play more and earn loyalty points at the casino. When you have accumulate 20,000 loyalty points and deposited a minimum of 3000 USD, 2000 GBPO or 2200 EUR, you will be contacted by our VIP account managers with an invitation to be included in the prestigious club.

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